Bilimsel Program

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4th DECEMBER 2019, Wednesday
08:00 - 09.30 REGISTRATION
09.30 - 10.30 Opening Speech
10.30 - 11.00 COFFEE BREAK
11.00 - 17.00 COURSE: Fire Detection Systems and Intelligent Designs - Volkan Aktaş
*Registration is Required
11.00 - 13.05 Session-1
Session Moderator: İsmail Turanlı
Session Moderator : Battal Kılıç
11.00 - 11.25 Sprinklers in Industrial Occupancies
Alan Brinson
Fire Risk Assessment and Field Applications
Memet Gültek, Ali Serdar Gültek
11.25 - 11.50 Sprinkler Systems in AS/RS Warehouses
Okan Erdem
Risk Analysis and Fire Safety Approaches in a High Hazard Class Industrial Production Facility
Hüseyin Caner Yıldırım, Emre Öztürk
11.50 - 12.15 Comparison Between International and European Seismic Design Approach for Sprinkler Systems
Matteo Alessandro Baleni
Analysis of Stairwell Pressurization Systems with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Comparison with Analytical Methods
Başar Bulut, Barış Çelik
12.15 - 12.40 Investigation of Use of Watery Concentrates as Fire Extinguishers
Murat Teker, Çetin Kur, Ahmet Sertkan
Acceptance of Testing , Adjustment, Balancing, and Commissioning of Pressurization in Escape Fire Stairwell
Levent Yılmaz
12.40 - 13.05 Examination of the Current Number of Fires in Industrial Plants Intervention Units Engagedin Production in Turkey
Cumali Karatutlu, İsmail Kaya, Can Şahan
Fire Risk Management
Tuncay Özyar
13.05 - 14.30 LUNCH
14.30 - 16.35 Session-3
Session Moderator : Alan Brinson
Session Moderato: Erol Celebsoy
14.30 - 14.55 Research on Structural and CFD Flow Analysis of Aboveground Fire Hydrant with Finite Element Method
Özdoğan Karaçalı
Performance-Based Design of Life Safety Measures in Industrial Facilities Using Computer Based Simulation Programs
Koray Uluç
14.55 - 15.20 Fixed Fire Fighting System for Tunnels
Arjan ten Broeke
Performance Based Fire Protection Design and Comparison with Regulations and Standards Prepared According to the Regulatory Approach
Oral Demircioğlu
15.20 - 15.45 The Effect of Pressure and Flow in the Firefighting Fire Department Inlet Valve on the Spray Distance
Duhan Portakal
Risk Engineering: Fundamentals of Fire Insurance
Esat Noyan
15.45 - 16.10 The Importance of Sprinklers for the Intervention of Firefighters
Agustín Miguel Salguero
Performance-Based Approach on Fire Safety and Evaluation of Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings in the Context of Legislation Samples
Hamiyet Gökmen Balcı, Füsun Demirel
16.10 - 16.35 Fire Safety Precautions for Photovoltaic Systems Used in Architecture
Muammer Yaman, Cüneyt Kurtay
Fire Safety in Historical Buildings
Cemal Kozacı
16.35 - 16.50 COFFEE BREAK
16.45 - 18.00 PANEL: F Gas Regulation and Use of Alternative Gases
Administrator: İsmail Turanlı (Norm Teknik)
Deniz Atik (Kidde)
Gönül Ertürer (GFA)
Ülkü Füsun Ertürk (Ministry of Environtment and Urban Planning )
Simantov Pozanti (3M)

5th DECEMBER 2019, Thursday
10.00 - 16.00 COURSE: Architectural Design for Fire Safety and Turkish Fire Code– Gökhan Balık
*Registration is Required 09
09.00 - 10.40 Session-5
Session- 5 Session Moderator: İbrahim Biner
Session Moderato: Taner Yönet
09.00 - 09.25 Overview of Aerosol Extinguishing Systems and Examination of Design Parameters
Buğra Coşkuncu, Gian Guido Gianfilippi De Parenti
Nano-Materials in Fire Safe Building Design
Özgü Aydoğdu, Ezgi Korkmaz
09.25 - 09.50 The Applıcations of the Carbondioxide ( CO2) Gaseous Extinguishing Systems in Industrial Facilities and Safety Precautions
Ali Can Uzun
Corrosion Problems in Water – Based Extinguishing Systems
Onur Can Şahin
09.50 - 10.15 Clean Fire Suppression Agents the Environment and the Future
Alfred Thornton
Problems of Fire Resistance of Construction Materials Used in Industrial Facilities
Saadet Alkış
10.15 - 10.40 Data Center Fire Suppression Systems
Paul Ellis, Deniz Atik
Corrosion in Metal Sprinkler Piping and Alternative Pipes
Bülent Bıdı
10.40 - 11.00 COFFEE BREAK
11.00 - 13.05 Session-7
Session Moderator: Ozan Atasoy
Session Moderator: Deniz Atik
11.00 - 11.25 Design of Fire and Gas Detection Systems in Industrial Facilities and Techinical Solutions
Özcan Uğurlu
Passive Fire Stopping Applications In Industrial Plants
Esat Ersoy
11.25 - 11.50 New Developments in Ceiling Only Storage Protection Beyond 45'(13.7 M) & 48' (14.6 M)
Michael J Bosma
Specifying Intumescent Fire Protection for Structural
Michael Hollman
11.50 - 12.15 Safe Transportation and Storage of Ammonium Nitrate
Yunus Gürbüz, Derya Karataş, Meltem Kadayıfçı
Design and Applicatıon Principles of Passive Fire Protection Systems in Industrial Buildings
Tolga Aycı, Onur Yücel
12.15 - 12.40 Establishing Fire Safety in Design Phase: Example of Factory Building
Melis Çatıkkaş, Zuhal Şimşek
Sustainable Remedies for Passive Fire Precautions Regarding the Phases of Implementation, Supervision and Maintenance
Hüseyin Emre Ilgın, Onur Yücel
12.40 - 13.05 Fire Prevention and Protection in High Hazard Class Facilities
Orhan Oduncu, Necmi Özdemir
Determination of Toxic and Flammable Gases in Closed Car Parks and Tunnels According to TS EN 50545, Measurement of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides and Application Notes
Osman Yıldız
13.05 - 14.30 LUNCH
14.30 - 16.35 Session-9
Session Moderator: Haluk Yanık
Session Moderator: Taner Kaboğlu
14.30 - 14.55 Fire Protection and Risks for Electric Generating Plants
Abdullah Serter
Hazard Zone Classification in Industrial Dust Explosions
Ali Serdar Gültek
14.55 - 15.20 Fire Protection Systems and Standards in Oil and Gas Installations
Paul Southwood
Fire Safety Technologies from an Actuator Manufacturer Point of View
Stefan Buchli
15.20 - 15.45 Fire Protection Systems and Standards in Aviatıon Facilitıes such as Aircraft Hangars and Helicopter Platforms
Yusuf Arslan
Periodic Controls of Fire Extinguishing Systems in Industrial Facilities Within the Scope of Regulations and Standards and Numerical Analysis of The Results
Onur Ayhan Kılyar
15.45 - 16.10 Fire Safety in Polyester Production Facilities
Barış Topal
Reliability Versus Availability
Tom De Nooij
16.10 - 16.35 Evaluation of Fire Protection Systems Onboard Ships
Barış Barlas, Tolga Aycı
Fire in Industry
Hüsamettin Kazi
16.35 - 16.50 COFFEE BREAK
16.50 - 18.30 PANEL – Problems, Solution Suggestions and Amendments in Application of Fire Code
Prof.Dr.Abdurrahman Kılıç (Coordinator )
Murat Bayram – Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning
Dr.Kazım Beceren - Türkiye Yangından Korunma Vakfı
Abdullah Bilgin –Turkey Fire Protection and Education Foundation
Numan Bulburu – Istanbul Fire Department
Esat Noyan - Turkish Insurance Association
*Participation is chargeable
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